FAStan: Approaches for Fake News Detection by Stance Classification

January 2020 – June 2020
With the advent of social media, an enormous amount of information is spread over the internet. Some of this information might be fake news and rumours. Most of the people, nowadays, consume news from social media. The journalists have made several attempts to mitigate the problem of fake news, but, they face several challenges like absence of resources for validation of news and impracticality of manual validation. Hence, it becomes important to tackle the problem from an automatic perspective. I, under the supervision of Dr. Joydeep Chandra, Assistant Professor, IIT Patna, worked on proposing machine learning and deep learning based frameworks to capture both the structure of news article, identify the latent factors that play a significant role in determining fake news and handling the huge imbalance in the dataset. We propose three frameworks for the same (a) feature-based learning framework that utilizes both content and contextual features, (b) unified framework that uses pointer generator framework to segregrate between related and unrelated class and further uses features to differentiate between different classes of related class, (c) an autoencoder based framework that automatically creates an embedding of the news article.

Android Clean Architecture Boilerplate Code Generator

November 2019 - December 2019
Good architecture is a must in today’s fast-growing world of technology. You might have to write a bit more code (that obviously requires extra effort) in the beginning, but as you continue with development, you realise that it is worth your time. In an effort to reduce this recurrent effort, in the beginning, I have tried to come up with a generator that provides a base Android application boilerplate based on the principles of clean architecture.

Multigroup Data Sharing using Blockchain and IPFS

September 2019 – November 2019
I, along with one of my classmates, under the supervision of Dr. Raju Halder (Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Patna) worked on developing a multigroup file-sharing system by leveraging IPFS and Blockchain technology.

Online Leave Management System

October 2018 – December 2018
This is an online leave management system for the students of IIT Patna. It simplifies the process of getting a leave approved by providing an online portal for leave application, rather than getting a form, filling it, getting it signed from multiple authorities, thereby wasting a lot of time in the entire process. It also reduces paperwork.